Does Your Iphone Need Replacing Or Repair?

22 June 2015
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iPhones are advertised as a new and revolutionary product, but all models are small computers with cellular radios attached. When the phone takes a long time to launch an application (app), navigate to a text or place a phone call (both of which are background apps), you may be tempted to trade it in for the newest model or a replacement of the same model. Before throwing money down the drain, consider a few problem areas that could provide a more affordable repair opportunity.

Application Overload Can Happen To Anyone

The beginning of the smartphone market and the popularity of the iPhone can thank the mobile app industry for a lot of its success. As mobile devices appealed to a more personal way of sharing information and enjoying personal time, more apps became available in the form of games, music management, productivity and many other distractions.

With many new things to try, it can be tempting to download every single app that the iPhone can handle. Although the phone is limited by its internal storage, there are still a few ways that an iPhone can be overloaded.

The app market (the general collection of apps being made beyond just a single iPhone model's apps) isn't just open to seasoned, experienced programmers. Many enterprising new programmers, and even hobbyists who learned just a bit of programming to get a share of the market, have entered the equation, which can bring apps that don't perform properly.

Some of these apps may not include an easy way to close their processes, which means that even if you're done with the app, it's still using up resources. An app may be written in a way that inefficiently uses resources, such as creating a memory leak that continuously uses more and more resources than it needs.

Many iPhones come with a factory reset option that will reset your phone to the same basic settings as when you took it out of its box for the first time. Unfortunately, there are times when a programmer can mess up so magnificently that it corrupts the factory default. If poorly written apps and excessively slow performance continues after a factory reset, or if you'd rather have a factory reset performed by a professional, get in contact with an iPhone repair expert.

iPhones Are Not Immune To Viruses

Although it's great for business, one dangerous myth can leave iPhone users with a lot of slow performance and security issues; the myth that iPhones (and related devices) can't get viruses or aren't as susceptible to viruses as other systems.

The myth and surrounded debates are mostly based on old computer markets. Until relatively recently, Apple's line of operating systems (including the iPhone's IOS, although they aren't all the same) were not the majority of the computer market. If a hacker wants to antagonize as many people as possible, a virus would be written to affect as many people as possible.

Since most of these viruses spread throughout the Internet and hackers have the skills necessary to see what most of their targets used, it was noticed that there weren't many viruses for devices such as the iPhone during the early days. Other devices are written in a completely different language, which means the viruses simply didn't work. After all, viruses are programs, and not all programs work on all devices.

This has changed recently because the iPhone has become more popular. Viruses can be spread across the Internet, through sharing information with other Apple devices or even plugging your device up to a charger. If you notice performance issues on your iPhone, don't just dismiss it as a temporary issue. Visit an iPhone repair professional to analyze the issues and to find out if you may be a virus or possible information breach. 

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