Why Every Homeowner Should Understand Line Of Credit Software

20 August 2015
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Whether you're a homeowner currently in a HELOC arrangement or anticipate getting a line of credit on your home in the future, there are reasons to familiarize yourself with line of credit software. Line of credit software is a tool that banks and lenders can use to determine rate changes for a revolving rate of credit, so payments and earnings can be quickly calculated even with parameters that are subject to fluctuation. Read More 

Permanently Deleting Files

27 July 2015
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You have probably watched enough Law and Order episodes to know that law enforcement and bad guys on television can retrieve about anything they want from your computer, including items you deleted. Even if you are not a criminal mastermind, you may still have information you would like to bury for good, such as some indiscreet emails that complain about your in-laws, multiple old passwords, or perhaps a few pictures. If you are an employer, you will want to make sure that a new employee doesn't have access to a former employee's security information. Read More 

Three Great Advantages Of Application Acceleration

24 July 2015
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If you run a small business and want to take your communication capabilities to the next level, application acceleration would be an excellent way to go about it. This method of controlling your network allows you to optimize it so that your data is sent much faster. A computer services company will be able to give you the help that you need in that regard, so that you can make your software, apps and site work at peak performance. Read More 

Virus Or PUP? The Difference Could Change The Way You Work

10 July 2015
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Computer viruses are a plague upon productivity and can ruin an entire business if not handled properly. Some are designed to steal information, while others are made out of mischief or pure malice to annoy or sabotage people's computers. Unfortunately, there are some problems that resemble viruses that you may be letting into your computer every day, and there's little that virus protection can do to stop it from happening. As you look through your system and search for solutions, take the time to understand the differences between a PUP and a virus. Read More 

Does Your Iphone Need Replacing Or Repair?

22 June 2015
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iPhones are advertised as a new and revolutionary product, but all models are small computers with cellular radios attached. When the phone takes a long time to launch an application (app), navigate to a text or place a phone call (both of which are background apps), you may be tempted to trade it in for the newest model or a replacement of the same model. Before throwing money down the drain, consider a few problem areas that could provide a more affordable repair opportunity. Read More