Save Your Small Business Time And Money With Remote Technical Support

25 April 2015
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As a small business or a start up, stretching the funding that comes into the business makes the difference between being in the red or in the black. Having an extensive team on payroll doesn't work for most small businesses; however, all businesses still need technical help. Luckily, there are ways to delegate the tech help to IT firms in lieu of having an in house IT person on payroll. Here are some great ways that remote techs can aid in business technology.

Downloading software remotely

As a small business owner, you may have a lot of things to take care of by yourself. Sitting in front of your computer to read a manual on software is not one of the things you can spend time on. Remote tech support services can take this off of your hands. Remote technical specialists can download software to your business computers either wirelessly, or through your network. All types of software from operating systems to peer-to-peer software settings can be downloaded and controlled remotely.

Virus removal and computer repair

Dreaded computer viruses can happen to anyone, even with computer firewalls and virus software. The worst part of a computer virus is that the machine can be taken out of commission until the virus is removed. Many individuals think that tech support must come into the office and overtake the computers to get the viruses removed. Even worse, some small business owners who use personal laptops may think they must drop their computer off with a repair technician and lose the ability to work on that machine.

Remote computer repair services can access the machine without the computer being moved an inch. While working on the computer remotely, trained technicians can identify and remove viruses on their end. With remote access to the computer, the technician can perform all of the appropriate maneuvers to wipe the computer free of viruses or malware.

Update computers

As a business grows, computer space and the ability to perform more functions will also need to grow. Upgrading a computer does take a considerable amount of knowledge of computer systems. Instead of taking a computer in, or investing in a brand new machine, computers can be upgraded by remote computer repair services. Data can be remotely cleared from a machine in order to make more space. Technicians can remotely remove unnecessary information from a computer and upgrade the machine to the newest operating system. Upgrades to software can help computers run much smoother, and can help a small business keep up with the latest in technology.