4 Great Flyer Ideas

7 April 2015
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When you go to a graphic designer, you need to make sure that you know what you want in order to get the most out of both your time and his or her time. A graphic designer will definitely have great ideas, but you want to come to the table with a vision for your flyer. This will ensure that you get exactly what you want by the end of the process. Here are four great flyer ideas that might work for your company.

1. Starts Small, Unfolds Huge

Everyone is intrigued by mail that is in an usual shape. One way to ensure that people are going to be at least curious about unusually shaped mail is to make your flyer fold up small. You will need to use paper or cardstock that is able to hold its form when it is folded. Essentially, tell your graphic designer that you want a design that will look great on a full-size piece of paper, but can be folded down to a square that is 1/8th the size and still look amazing.

2. Looks Like a Book

Another unusual idea is to make your flyer look and function like a book. This is best for companies that need to either advertise multiple products and services, or firms that wish to showcase each of their employees on their own separate pages. The book will be something that a potential customer can easily find and keep, because it will not get lost among the other single sheets of paper.

3. Have the Flyer Contain Something the Customer Wants

Put additional items in your flyer by making the flyer an envelope for the items inside. This works because it allows companies to include samples of their product, such as perfume or small bars of chocolate, or gifts to potential customers, such as free music downloads, without worrying about them getting lost. Customers will remember businesses that gave them free items.

4. Print the Lines for a Paper Airplane

This admittedly works best for businesses that have to do with travel. Make your flyer on a normal sheet of paper. Then, print faint dotted lines on the flyer in order to show the customer where to fold. If the customer folds on these lines correctly, he or she will have created a paper airplane. Make sure that you draw your customer's attention to these lines.

For more information, talk to your graphic design specialist.